Our Guarantees

At J Property Management, all of our services come with 5 performance-based guarantees for you; at no extra cost.

We understand that your investment property is likely to be one of your most important financial assets so we know you are taking a leap of faith in trusting us with your investment. That is why we offer 5 guarantees to every landlord who instructs us to manage their property. Our guarantees are as followed;


No Hidden Fees
Guarantee number 1 is our no hidden fees guarantee. The only fee you’ll ever pay is your monthly management fee. We promise you’ll never have an admin fee, a tenancy agreement fee, a renewal fee. Nothing, ever.


Response Guarantee
Guarantee number 2 is our response guarantee. We promise to respond to all tenant calls, texts and emails within 12 hours. We are even available 24/7 for tenants to contact us in case of an emergency. We are always ready to help.


Service Guarantee
Guarantee number 3 is our service guarantee. If we don’t meet the obligations covered in our management contract, we will offer you the next three months of management for free. We have this guarantee to offer protection and exceptional customer service.


Payment Guarantee
Guarantee number 4 is our payment guarantee. This guarantee has two parts to it!
Firstly, we promise to transfer the rent received to you within 1 working day of it clearing our account. This means less time waiting around wondering when you will get paid from the management company!
Secondly, if the tenant doesn’t pay their rent as agreed, not only will we chase the tenant for payment but you don’t have to pay the management fee. You only pay us, once you’ve been paid. This ensures you are never out of pocket.


Happiness Guarantee
Guarantee number 5 is our happiness guarantee. We are so convinced you will be happy with the management service you receive from our company, that you are free to leave whenever. We don’t tie you to a yearly contract like most property management companies. We know you’ll love our service and want to stay!

Our Guarantees to You

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