Airbnb Management in Croydon


Airbnb Property Management in Croydon


We all know that managing an Airbnb property can be very time-consuming. If done on a full-time basis, you are looking for up to 40 hours per month, a considerable time commitment. But that should not stop you from maximising your income! J Property Management can take on the day to day management for you, giving you your time back.

We are sure you have better things to be doing than listing your property online, replying to constant enquires, vetting guests, checking people in and out of your property, cleaning the property between each stay and writing and reading all reviews. So, let us take over the management of your Croydon home. Not only will we do all the work, but we also offer a value for money service.

The Airbnb community is also built on reviews and trust us when we say you won’t get far if you don’t maintain a certain standard as a host. Successful hosting involves creating the right conditions for responsible guests, and as a host, acting responsibly should any issues arise. This means being available and ready to help 24/7. J Property Management even goes the extra mile to give all guests a small welcome package with a few treats and essentials.

Our Airbnb Management Service:

Our Airbnb Property Management service includes:

  • Creating new Airbnb listings or Modifying any existing ones using our knowledge of the local market to increase your income.

  • Managing the listing

  • Guest communications

  • Guest Vetting

  • 24-hour Check-in

  • Professional cleaning

  • Laundry

  • Replenishments*

  • Getting quotes for any minor/major work required to your property

  • Monthly breakdown consisting of the rental income alongside bills and any expenses with invoices and receipts of any works that have been done

  • Transferring all income generated onto homeowner weekly or monthly

*subject to charge