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At J Property Management we believe the loyalty we receive from our Landlords is what sets us apart from the competition. A key ingredient to our
success is our strong customer service ethos and our hunger to provide the best possible service.

We conducted a quick interview with one of our clients so you can hear about our services from someone else.

J Property Management: “How did you find us and why did you decide to use us?

Tim: “I had two rented properties which at the time, I was managing myself. I then acquired a new build block which had 9 flats inside and decided to rent all of them out. I thought it would be too much to manage myself. About 5 months ago, I went to all the high street agents near me for quotes but was shocked with all the fees I would have to pay. So, I took my search to online where I found you.”

J Property Management: “So, you decided to use us because our fees are competitive?”

Tim: “Yes, that is the main reason. The cheapest high street agent quote I got was for 8% per property and upfront fees of £450 per property. You guys have no fees apart from the monthly fee which is a lot less than 8% for me. My savings on full management comes to over £700 a month. I also loved your guarantees. I love that I am not tied to a yearly contract, provides me with confidence that you know what you are doing because if you didn’t, you would have landlords leave you all the time and you’d have to tie them into yearly contracts!”

J Property Management: “We get that a lot, being the only company in London that offers 5 Landlord guarantees, they are a great hit! You’re saving a lot of money every month, what are you going to do with the thousands saved?”

Tim: I will be investing it into more properties.

J Property Management: “We hope we get to manage those for you too! Are you happy with the tenants we found to live in your properties?

Tim: Very. Since, you have been the managing agent for my properties, the only issue I have had is a blocked toilet and that can happen to anyone. Although, I am surprised. All my properties had tenants in within 3 weeks so I was shocked that you could find such responsible people so quickly”

J Property Management: “And what about the actual service we provide. Do we meet your expectations?”

Tim: I couldn’t be happier with the service. It’s completely hassle-free for me. I always get a reply to my messages in a timely manner and I feel like my properties are being looked after and have no worries.

J Property Management: ‘Thank you, Tim’

You could be the next Tim, receiving stress-free management where you simply sit back and watch the money fall into your account every month.

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